Not only do you need a breath of fresh air every now and then, some plants also improve enormously from a stay in the open air. A warm sun on their green bulb or the soft wind through their leaves are real boosters and ensure that they can take it again indoors.

Tropical plants
Most plants originate from a place far from the cold Netherlands. They grow in a warm desert or a humid rainforest. They more or less find that warmth in our living rooms, but they miss the other benefits of living in nature. With us it is sometimes really survival in those dry new houses, especially in winter. That is why being outside for a while is very nice for a tropical houseplant: a real rain shower instead of a shoot from the watering can works wonders.

Rain lovers
Some houseplants immediately recover from a spray or just in the shower. By spraying, you increase the humidity and mimic the living conditions from the tropics. Is it 15 degrees or higher outside and do you see on Buienradar that rain is coming? Then you can put plants that you normally spray outside. They find rainwater even tastier than our tap water.

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